Your Precious Scents

Handmade in Hampshire, using natural Soy Wax.

Our aim is to provide you with quality Wax Melts, Candles, Body Creams and Washes.

Using luxury fragrances inspired by your favourite designer names. 

Everything is made by hand

Why use us?

We only use the best of natural ingredients. The scents 

are pure, the scents are divine, they bring relaxation and hand poured with love, but most importantly they are chemical free.

Enjoy the pure scents and never go back to toxic candles again.

Naturally simple

Our Vegan soy wax products have been thoroughly tested to ensure maximum quality.We only source the best products. 


Our company products are paraffin and cruelty free.

Safe to use for children, adults, pets and anyone with respiratory problems.

The candles burn so clean, the addles leave no wax behind and don’t tunnel.


We blend with a high concentration of fragrance which

guarantees consistency of scents. We use fibre reeds instead of wood which absorb better and don’t dry out.


A totally bespoke 

scent experience.

Our Precious Range

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